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Who we are
Dyad is the premier noise control firm of the Pacific Northwest, handling every aspect of noise control – from assessment to diagnosis to implementation. We stand out due to our rare combination of scientific expertise and technical know-how. Our clients are our greatest motivators and our people our greatest resources.

Our work with railroads has led to selection and recommendation of specialty products that are effective.  Dyad has products for rail maintenance equipment, locomotive cabs, locomotive and car maintenance shops and community noise issues. 

Occupied Cabs 
Dyad provides Acoustical Headliners that can be applied to the ceilings and surfaces of cabs.  The absorbing foam is fire-rated, comes with a protective Mylar cover, and can be ordered with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing for easy application.  Acoustical Floor Matting is a composite that has both a sound absorber and a hard surface deadener to cut transmission of road and vehicle structure noise.  It comes with a durable wear surface. 

Engine Compartments 
There are two ways to go: 
Aluminized Foam - Some folks use an aluminized composite foam for lining engine cabinets.  Aluminum is good for reflecting radiant engine heat and the foam is fire-rated.  This is a high temperature environment and these materials are good up to 250  ̊F.  You can cut and shape to size.  Adhesives are used to glue the foam to the shroud surface but you can order it with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.  Space Metal Absorbers  - An alternative is to use a metal panel material that is specially cut to absorb sound.  This comes in 4 by 8 foot sheets that you can cut to size and shape.  You crimp the edges of the metal so that you have a cavity with a space between the metal surface and the shroud.  Think of it as an inverted cake pan with sides about 2 inches deep.  Put a bunch of these inverted cake pans on the inside of the engine shroud.  The metal is attached to the shroud by rivets.  Filling the cavity using a fire-resistant foam is recommended to reduce low frequency noise.

Ringing Wheels
DeadCote is a sound deadening material that can be painted on the non-wearing surfaces of wheels. This can take the ring out of wheels on Hyrail pickup truck steel wheels and other similar steel wheels.  Best results are achieved with several coats, with adequate time between applications for proper curing.   

Shop Noise
We have a variety of barrier materials that can contain shop and outdoor noise sources.  Inside the shop, we find clear vinyl barrier can contain noise sources yet allow visual access.  Absorbing barriers can be mounted or suspended to lessen overall noise levels.  Enclosures can be constructed using composites of absorbing and transmission-reducing materials. Surfaces impacted by falling or dropped parts can be treated with DeadCote.  Other lagging materials are also available for material transport systems.

Community Noise
Public areas adjacent or nearby can be subjected to loud or uncomfortable rail yard noise sounds such as retarder noise. Community noise control frequently requires use of barriers.  These barriers typically require noise absorbing and noise transmission-reducing materials.  Because of structure height and necessary support, local building codes usually require that these be engineered structures.  We can provide the structure design and acoustical materials if you have internal engineering capabilities or contract for professional services.     

Why noise control
We believe in being proactive in addressing noise in the workplace. Elevated noise levels contribute to risks related to hearing and heart health as well as increased worker compensation claims. High noise also limits communication, production and quality control.

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