Our Partners:

Conceptual Design: Dyad works with clients to design customized solutions to reduce noise while optimizing work flow. Whether it’s absorbing reverberation, insulating noise sources, retrofitting to quiet noisy equipment or isolating workers from a loud environment, Dyad provides expert solutions with an eye toward cost-effectiveness, durability and practicality.

Turn-key Installation: Dyad has the experience and know-how to install controls in environments ranging from a stylish restaurant to the factory floor. Turn-key installation radically simplifies dealing with your noise problem and Dyad works around companies’ schedules to install controls with minimal interruption. 

Noise Surveys: Noise surveys are useful in identifying spaces with elevated sound levels, machines and processes which contribute to noise and areas where hearing protection may be necessary. In-depth sound spectrum measurements and analysis aid Dyad experts in developing customized noise reduction treatments. 

Employee Noise Dosimetry: Dyad performs dosimetry to determine employee exposure to noise. Dosimetry may be used to assure safe working conditions, as a regular part of a hearing conservation program, to define tasks requiring hearing protection or to demonstrate compliance with OSHA’s noise standard.

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